Pharmacy Career Conference is organized by the Emirates Medical Association (EMA) for pharmacy students and professionals, to provide guidance in their career choices. Delegates will have the opportunity to learn from highly experienced industry experts from different fields, so they can be more aware of the available career paths for pharmacists. The PCC conference will not only broaden their horizon, it will also act as a platform for the delegates to make new connections, speak to experts and get to know their future employers.

It is important to think about your preferences, strengths, weaknesses and all the other factors that will determine what is the right job is for you. Starting this process as a students or professional, will give you that jump-start in your career.

With traditions and other environmental factors, pharmacists generally have the idea that their only choice is to work in a pharmacy, dispensing and distribution drug products. Maybe this is a conscious choice and their dream to work in a pharmacy to help patients. While this a very noble and highly admirable incentive, only a certain percentage of pharmacists really knows what they really want to become when are in college. Not all pharmacy students have the dream of working in a pharmacy. Due to the lack of guidance and knowledge, these pharmacists, will only realize later in their career, that there are plenty of other options available. This is why it is important to find out what your interests and ambitions are at an early stage of your career. The choice that you will make, will determine a huge part of your life. After all, we spend a large part of our life working.

This leads to the main and most important question that you need to ask yourself: “What are you planning on doing in your career path?” Choosing a profession early in your life, can give you that jump-start to let you stay on top of your game, by excelling in your job and waking up looking forward to doing your job.

To give you that push into the right direction, we have organized the Pharmacy Careers Conference. Attending this conference, will give you a good idea about your options. You will get to attend presentations from highly skilled and experienced professionals from different professions within academia, regulatory bodies and the pharmaceutical industry. You will learn about what they are doing, what they like about their job and most importantly, if it is something you might like. You will participate in panel discussions and get all your questions answered during Q&A sessions. The goal of the conference is to be highly inspirational and beneficial for pharmacy students and professionals. The aim is to provide them with more clearance, guidance and knowledge, so that they can make wisely decisions and take strategic steps, in respect to their future job.